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It does not matter if you’re just starting your investigation into reverse mortgages or if you have made up your mind to go forward − we want to make sure you have clear guidance and fully understand the simple steps involved. Beginning the process with a private consultation with one of our Dallas reverse mortgage consultants, who will make sure you have proper direction, education and all the facts will be a huge plus. You’ll be much more comfortable moving forward with a decision that’s right for you.

Reverse Mortgage Tips By Michael Harrell
Before Application

Again, a confidential consultation with one of our reverse mortgage specialists will help us understand your needs and future goals. We can layout simply what will take place, what is necessary and provide you with the tools necessary to make sure everything is clear. You will receive program comparisons, cost and fee breakdowns should you choose to move forward with a Reverse Mortgage. This is a NO Obligation consultation!

Reverse Mortgage Tips By Michael Harrell
Required HUD Counseling Session

A HUD approved counseling session is an important beginning step. HUD counseling will give you additional education and direction. These counselors are trained and certified for reverse mortgages. Most sessions are conducted on the phone and usually take about 45 minutes. Counseling can also be in person. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate signed by your counselor signifying your ability to move forward. They will go over every point and are un-biased. They will also go over your personal circumstances and make sure you have been given all the tools necessary to make a final decision.

Other topics they will cover include:

  • Alternatives to a reverse mortgage. Do you have other options?
  • All the fees and costs associated with a reverse mortgage.
  • How a Reverse Mortgage is different from a traditional mortgage.
  • Real estate taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and property maintenance that you are responsible for and the consequences of non-payment.

What is the Reverse Mortgage Process?

Your Application.
Your Appraisal.
Your Title Report.
Underwriting Your Loan.
Closing Your File.
Funding Your Loan.
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What You Need to Know About
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Your family members or trusted advisors may want or need to know more about a reverse mortgage. This pamphlet will give a general overview that is easy to read and understand.

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