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Thinkingreverse LLC was created to enable independent reverse mortgage lending. offering multiple programs in the State of Texas. Working for and restricted to one lender only allows the client a single point for Underwriting overlays and that lender’s pricing. Being able to offer multiple pricing points and deal with several different lenders gives our clients the best of both worlds. Thinkingreverse is a boutique platform, and we believe we offer the best service, guidance, and education most are looking for. Thinkingreverse is not a call center in another state. We only originate reverse mortgage loans, and we are in Dallas, Texas.

Mike owned and managed one of the largest mortgage lending branches in Dallas, Texas which led to vast experience in originating loans on a national platform. By mid-year 2008 he received approval from the bank’s executive team to build their first reverse mortgage division. Within 5 months that division was ranked within the top 20 in the nation by volume. Mike has been exclusively involved with reverse mortgage lending since 2010.

Licensed to originate in Texas, Mike is enthusiastic about his involvement within this industry and is honored to work with his clients and their families. Mike was an approved CE (continuing education) instructor by the Texas Real Estate Commission for 5 years and instructed countless classes of real estate agents regarding the HECM for Purchase program.

Mike strongly believes in reverse mortgage lending and how it can make positive changes to seniors’ lives. He has witnessed these positive changes repeatedly. Mike strives to make sure each client is taken care of in the best way possible and maintains his client relationships long after their loans are closed.

Michael Harrell Owner of Michael Harrell Group

Michael Harrell
NMLS 71114
CEO Thinkingreverse LLC

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Are you ready to pad your finances in retirement with the funds you need to achieve your goals for your golden years? Mike is here to help you choose the reverse mortgage that is right for you. He is dedicated to walking you through the process with complete transparency.

To get started now, please call (214) 269-3593 to schedule your consultation. We work with customers in Dallas and throughout the state of TX.

Receive a Personalized Analysis Specifically For You

This is not a contract to lend and clients must qualify based on age, amount of equity and the financial ability to pay on-going property charges among other loan requirements.